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Study Circle for Swaraj

A democratic forum for discussion, debate and dialogue which gives the young minds a space to understand and critique current socio-political issues.

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Manthan is the study circle of Y4S where young minds meet to build an understanding of contemporary issues through discussion and debate. It provides a platform where ideas are nurtured to instill a free yet focussed thought process. Recently, Manthan has been organised in various places including colleges and universities covering varied issues such as:

  • Uniform Civil Code,

  • Real Challenges in Establishing Alternative Politics,

  • Role of Youth in Politics,

  • Nationalism,

  • Spirit of Internal Democracy in an Organisation,

  • Engaging the Youth in Activism: Challenges and opportunities

  • Effects of Demonetisation

Every meet expands the scope of Manthan and enables its partcipants to introspect and reflect upon the issues around them by providing improved information channels.